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Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptop - MacBook Air 13 Review

If you are one of those professionals who have to work on computer all throughout then you probably would love to have a sleek and light laptop. Apple MacBook Air is a 13.3 inch laptop, which is light in weight and that is the reason you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is now priced at $989 for the newest version. This Apple MacBook Air provides amazing battery life of 12 hours so you can carry it anywhere when you are working at home or even at the office. You can roam around freely with the system without any major challenges.This latest version of Apple MacBook Air 2014 comes with two models, one is Apple Macbook Air 11 Inch and another one is Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch. Here in this post, we would going to discuss about MacBook Air 13 Review.

Design and Display

Apple MacBook Air
This Apple MacBook Air comes with 13.3 inch screen which has a glossy backlit widescreen display. The screen resolution for this MacBook is that of 1440 X 900 pixels and it comes with an Intel processor of fourth generation. This is the reason the speed of this MacBook remains unmatched till date in this range. It comes with 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processors and Intel HD Graphics 5000 Graphics Compressor. There are 2 USB ports available on the MacBook with 802.11A wireless type.
The color of this particular device is Aluminium and that is the reason it has a classic look to it. The design is sleek and is home to the number of colors enhancing the display. The keyboard is lit up helping you work in the dark as well. It doesn’t make much noise either and is good for gaming too.


You can enjoy 4 GB of RAM and the Hard Drive is that of 128 GB with 1600 MHz memory speed.  SDRAM is the computer memory type where the Flash memory size of 128. It doesn’t come with the standard flash memory that we generally associate with laptops as well as PCs instead it has made some serious changes in the memory which has helped in decreasing the footprint. This is the reason MacBook Air has been able to reduce its size as well.


The battery life is the biggest advantage of this MacBook Air as it runs as long as 12 hours and if you put it to sleep for 3 hours, then it will be ready with enough power for 30 days in the standby mode. The Lithium Polymer battery does it job very well without fail. That is the reason people who needs to work on a computer all throughout the day can easily opt for this device. So, now you have even more time for browsing the net, making presentations and displaying it in front of the concerned person, going through emails or working on the Word document. The new power efficient Intel processor allows MacBook to have a large battery.


MacBook is known to speed up the work and that is the reason you will be able to transfer files which are large in number within seconds. Enhanced graphics quality will help you play the games quite nicely. It also comes with integrated webcam allowing you the opportunity to stay connected with your friends and families easily. The video calls are of high quality too therefore you will enjoy the entire duration of the call without any hitches. Apart from that, it also allows you to call the iPod Touch as well. The USB port is flexible to incorporate any device starting from iPhone to iPad, iPod and digital camera. Therefore, all the pictures that you have clicked through your digital camera can be easily displayed on the MacBook Air so that your entire family can sit together and enjoy the clicks. It also comes with some integrated apps that will help you in working with your photos. The iLife Suite will also help you with the movies and GarageBand as well. This MacBook offers a lot of features that you can enjoy once you lay your hands on it. The iWork suite will help you with the numbering, Pages and keynotes so that you can come up with some of the most amazing presentations and documentations.

Wrap Up

If you want, you can make use of it for gaming purpose as well as for professional purposes too. With so many attractive features at your perusal, you can make use of this MacBook in any which way you want.
Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch Laptop - MacBook Air 13 Review

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